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Welcome to ICLHE

Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education

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Welcome to the ICLHE Association, where expertise, networking, and resources converge to elevate the integration of content and language in higher education. We're not just an association; we're a dynamic community that sparks inspiration and drives change.


At ICLHE, we're on a mission to cultivate a vibrant exchange of opinions, experiences, initiatives, and cutting-edge research at the intersection of content and language in higher education. Imagine a space where ideas naturally develop, connections form organically, and innovation thrives.


Who are we? We're educators, linguists, policymakers and researchers in higher education, international bodies and professional societies, publishers, representatives of national and international authorities, and others. Whether you're passionate about teaching and learning through an additional language, interested in multilingualism, or committed to fostering quality education, ICLHE is the platform for you.


But that's not all! At ICLHE, we believe in the power of collaboration, and we invite everyone who has a vested interest in integrating content and language in higher education in successful and effective ways to join us! (hyperlink to become a member page)


Let's break barriers, ignite curiosity, and pave the way for a future where education transcends all boundaries. Together, we're not just looking to the future; we're shaping it. Join the ICLHE community.

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How do you pronounce ICLHE? 

We don't mind!

Some like to say the acronym /ɑɪ sɪ el eɪʧ i:/, while others shorten it to /ɑɪ sɪ el/, or even use /aɪkle/,

/ɪklhi:/, or /aɪkli:/.

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