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Background & Leadership

ICLHE's origins date back to the margins of conferences in the 1990s. Discussions at these conferences led to a series of symposia culminating in a major ICLHE conference in Maastricht (Netherlands) in 2003. This conference was followed by a second one in 2006 which led to the establishment of a loose community for people with an interest in integrating content and language in higher education.

ICLHE Board members

Today, we're a fully registered association that provides a platform for the exchange of opinions, initiatives and research concerning the interface between content and language in higher education

Meet the Board 2022-2024

The next elections for the term 2024-2026 will be held at the Annual General Meeting of the ICLHE Association in Wiesbaden, Germany, on Friday 11 October 2024 for the Chair and all Board members. Nomination procedures will be sent to ICLHE members by email.

Past Board Members


Annette Bradford

Internationalisation researcher, Tokyo, Japan.


Inmaculada Fortanet Gómez

Universitat Jaume I, Castelló, Spain.


Joyce Kling

Lund University, Sweden.


Kevin Haines

University of Bristol, United Kingdom.

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