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Association Aims

The ICLHE Association is an independent, self-financing association, funded by its members. It is not dependent on subsidies for its existence or on the goodwill of a host university to provide services. This does not preclude the association from seeking subsidies or grants to initiate and pursue projects in line with the aims of the association, nor from collaborating with other parties whether subsidized or not. The self-financing nature of the association means that ICLHE is fully led by its members.

  • ICLHE aims to provide a platform for the exchange of opinions, experiences, initiatives and research concerning the interface between content and language in higher education.​

  • ICLHE aims to take initiatives in order to stimulate the synergy from cooperation among members from different backgrounds and contexts.​

  • ICLHE provides a website for information about publications, books, conferences and events, initiatives, and governmental measures.​

  • ICLHE provides an online forum for members to exchange and seek information, calls, news, results of research, and other data of relevance and interest.​

  • ICLHE organises events and activities in its own right.

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