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ICLHE 2022: EMI, ICLHE and Englishization: Reflecting on the Changing University


The 7th ICLHE Conference took place in Maastricht (Netherlands) from 18th to 21st October 2022. The conference followed up on the Symposium in 2021 by homing in on the language that has become dominant in many spheres, English. The conference examined how English is impacting on the classroom, the key actors involved, the university and society. This includes, importantly, the impact of the learning and teaching of content through other additional languages.

English has become a central factor in the internationalization of universities. English-medium instruction or EMI, as it is commonly known, is seen by many as the means through which universities demonstrate the extent of their internationalization. EMI is perceived both as a sign of Englishization of higher education and as an opportunity for students in an ever-globalizing world.

The 7th Conference aimed to delve into the effects on other languages, on the nature of knowledge, on the status of a language as academic language, on the design and quality of teaching and learning, and on national and local cultural identity.

Not only was it valuable to reflect on the impact of EMI and Englishization in these areas over the past two or three decades, but also to cast a forward-looking glance to what the future might be. 

Keynote speakers: Professor Philippe Van Parijs (Université Catholique de Louvain La Neuve, Belgium); Dr Kristina Hultgren (Open University, UK).

The book of abstracts is available for download here.

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