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To celebrate its 70th anniversary, the Centre of Languages and Communication at Poznan University of Technology in Poland organises the hybrid conference “Looking ahead: Developing academics’ and students’ linguistic and intercultural competence for a globalised world".


24th-26th May 2023

Deadline for submissions

15th March 2023

Eight themes have been identified:

  1. Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in language learning and teaching

  2. Academic teachers’ roles and students’ needs in a technology-rich environment

  3. Strategies and methods developed in a hybrid environment

  4. English Medium Instruction (EMI) at Higher Education Institutions

  5. Global competences among academic staff and students

  6. Certification systems and assessment methods in foreign language didactics

  7. Internationalisation at Language Centres

  8. Common standards for the structuring and quality assurance (QA) of Language Centres

More information available on the website.

Download PDF • 809KB
Call for papers
Download PDF • 783KB

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