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Elinet: Call for abstracts

The Education, Language and Internationalisation Network - Elinet is a growing global community of students, researchers and practitioners, whose aim is to make research in the areas of education, language and internationalisation accessible to a wider audience.

It also provides a space for students, researchers, materials writers, policy makers and practitioners to exchange educational experiences, ideas and resources, plan curricula and form collaborative teaching and research partnerships.

Elinet's first annual conference marks the launch of the network and features two current sub–strands:

  • Global Englishes

Proposals that focus on

  • the globalisation of English, variation in English and the pedagogical implications of the spread of

English as a global language.

  • World Englishes (WE), English as a Lingua Franca (ELF), English as an international language (EIL), and related fields such as multilingualism and translanguaging.

  • innovative practice in the classroom and teacher education (empirical research). These innovations in classroom practices may be underpinned by Global Englishes Language Teaching, ELF-informed pedagogy, WE-informed ELT and other related frameworks.

Proposals that respond to calls for research in a recent systematic review by our network coordinator and plenary speakers (Rose, McKinley & Galloway, 2021) in Language Teaching 54, Issue 2.

  • English as a Medium of Instruction/Education (EMI/EME)

Proposals that focus on

  • the considerable growth of EMI/EME worldwide. The transition to teaching through the medium of English in educational contexts worldwide has given rise to a number of challenges.

  • the spread, and impact, of English in various educational contexts, the challenges that this poses, the use of English and other languages in these settings and on student and teacher support needs.

  • the cross-fertlisation of the fields of Enes (EAP) and EMI, as outlined in recent publications by our plenary speakers (Galloway and Rose, 2022, Wingate and Hakim, 2022) in ELT Journal 76, Issue 4.

While the conference programme has two separate strands for these fields, proposals that explore their shared issues, critical perspectives and future agendas are also welcomed. Both fields lobby for the promotion of multilingual pedagogies, challenge native speaker hegemony and resonate with calls to decolonise the curriculum. We welcome proposals from global contexts that explores critical research in both fields at the crossroads of GE and EMI/EME. This will also be the focus of one of our plenary sessions, drawing upon Rose, Sahan and Zhou (2022) in Asian Englishes 24, Issue 2.

This conference will be a hybrid event with a two-day in-person conference held at The University of Glasgow.


  • 13 & 14 April 2023 (in-person)

  • 15 April 2023 (online)


Plenary Speakers (in-person):

Professor Heath Rose, University of Oxford

Dr Kari Sahan, University of Reading

Dr Jim Mckinley, University College London

Dr Ursula Wingate, King’s College London

Call for Abstracts

If you are interested in presenting at the conference (with talks focused on Global Englishes or EMI/EME), please submit your abstract (for both poster and paper presentations) here by 28 February 2023. More information on submission guidelines is available here.

Registration and fees

The event is free of charge! Register here by 28th February 2023.


The full programme schedules can be accessed here:

  • Programme 13 & 14 April (in-person)

  • Programme 15 April (online) (Selected posters will be on virtual display throughout the programme and the programme will be updated after speaker confirmation).


For any queries, please contact:

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