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Upcoming ICLHE webinar!

Updated: Apr 28

Mapping the interplay between EMI teacher-practitioners and policy-makers

Friday 05 May 2023 @ 15-00 CEST

It is well known that the process of internationalisation of higher education institutions is predominantly implemented through a top-down approach in which the EMI teacher-practitioners become the EMI front-line representatives instead of policy-makers. Therefore, it is crucial to address the (mis)alignments between policymaking and implementation of EMI, with a specific focus on how the interplay between EMI teacher-practitioners and internationalisation is contextualised and negotiated. As a result, we will base our discussion using the ROAD-MAPPING framework (Dafouz & Smit, 2020) and the conceptual framework of Jane Knight (2005) to pose the following two questions: 1) to what extent does the ROAD-MAPPING of internationalisation illustrate and correspond with the reality of internationalisation and 2) how can EMI teacher- practitioners be actively involved in decision-making related to the internationalisation process.


Picture of Alicia Salomone

Alicia Salomone holds an MA in Global English from the University of Southampton and a TESOL Certificate from Trinity College London. She also obtained a PhD in Literature from Universidad de Chile. Since 2001 Alicia has been an academic at the Department of Literature, Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities of Universidad de Chile. Between 2014 and 2022, she was the head of the Postgraduate Studies Department at the Vice-Presidency of Academic Matters. At present, she is the Director of International Relations.

Ludmila Kalasnikova holds an MA in Education from Daugavpils University (Latvia) and an MA in Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching from the University of Southampton (UK). Currently, Ludmila works as an EMI coordinator and is responsible for the development and implementation of blended teacher training courses related to the internationalisation of curriculum within the Universidad de Chile setting. Additionally, she is involved in the creation of an EMI community of practice focused on the promotion of effective pedagogical techniques and strategies applicable for a multilingual and multicultural learning environment.

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