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EMI, ICLHE and Englishization: Reflecting on the Changing University

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

7th ICLHE Conference, 18-21 October 2022

Maastricht (Netherlands)

The 2022 Conference will follow up on the Symposium in 2021 by homing in on the language that has become dominant in many spheres, English.

The Conference will examine how English is impacting on the classroom, the key actors involved, the university and society. This includes, importantly, the impact of the learning and teaching of content through other additional languages.

Keynote Speakers include: Professor Aminata Cairo, Professor Philippe Van Parijs, and Dr Kristina Hultgren, Professor Kwok-kan Tam and Alma Maldonado-Maldonado.

See conference website for more information.

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